Erika Mitsuhashi: blush tones

About Blush Tones:

“Blush Tones”  fleshes out emotional and kinesthetic ideas surrounding blushing. Ranging from light and effervescent feelings, all the way down into the darkness of humiliation. The work unfolds these themes in a tonal structure. Tones paralleled to life, high tones alike to  moments of high intensity and low tones reflecting moments of subtlety and quiet.  These themes are brought forth through the emotional and physical investment of 8 dancers.

Erika’s Biography

Erika Mitsuhashi is an emerging dance artist and recent graduate of Simon Fraser University’s BFA dance program, honors program.  During her time at SFU she performed repertoire from Judith Garay, Cheryl Prophet, Serge Benethan, Desiree Dunbar, Mui Cheuk-yin, Joe Laughlin, Karen Jamieson, Rob Kitsos, Shae Zukiwsky, Katie DeVries, Jennifer Mascall, Mark Haim, Marla Eist and Alison Denham. During her degree, she apprenticed with Vancouver based Dancers Dancing and The Contingency Plan.  In addition to her training at Simon Fraser University, she studied abroad in New York at the Peridance Center with a focus in gaga technique.

Erika has been involved in choreographic research with local artists  Desiree Dunbar, Pegah Tabassinejad, Katie Devris and Vanessa Goodman.  This past summer, she performed in Vanessa Goodman’s work “Peeling Away Like a Bubble In Wallpaper” at the Dancing on the Edge Festival.  This year, Erika worked with artists Carolyn Chan and Clancey Dennehy on a short dance film entitled “Gong”.

Erika recently collaborated with media artist Sammy Chien and student composers from Simon Fraser University and had two of her works “M81” and “Flares” premiered at a string quintet and dance concert ASCENSION.  Erika is currently working on remounting her honors project “Blush Tones” for the December Project.

Erika’s creativity and interest doesn’t just lay within dance, she also embrace deep passion in interdisciplinary collaborations with music, film and new media. She has choreographed and performed for experimental dance films and also involved the process of sound designing for her own work. She believes that this could be a reason why many audiences find her performance emanating a kind of ineffable exquisite qualities that’s uncommon amount dancers. Erika has been enjoying teaching kids dance for many years, perhaps that’s one of the source of her opened-mindedness and child-like innovations.

– Sammy Chien, interdisciplinary media artist

Cast List:
Charlotte Newman
Robert Azevedo
Katie DeVries
Michael Kong
David Clennin
Olivia Shaffer
Erika Mitsuhashi
Antonio Somera


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