Michael Kong: yourfaceinsideout

About yourfaceinsideout:

yourfaceinsideout opening from Michael Kong on Vimeo.

I have been researching this piece for about a year now. Originally it started out trying to recreate the code of wolves and how they form their packs. What happens when a member gets left behind, they usually are injured, blind, deaf, young, or old. I am interested by how and why the wolves behave when dealing with disabilities weather it be a limp, or arthritis and how these affectations impress in the human body. The valiance of the movement due to injury and also instincts of survival inform me and the qualities in the movement.

I needed to add another element and found a DJ named Aaron Kelsh a local artist; SFU Alumni for film, and musician. His music varied the theme for me as the wolf-like ideas adapted it became clear to me that I could create habitats based on music. A lot of the themes took on manifestations of possession as the movers look like they are haunting each other as they slip into one another’s path ways. Aaron has been a great addition to the piece, and really changed how I view the work.

yourfaceinsideout Promo # 2 from Michael Kong on Vimeo.

I am excited to work with such a large cast of talented dancers. Eleven to be exact including myself.

Cast List:

Francesca Frewer
Diego Romero
Erika Mitsuhashi
Katie Devries
Natalie Kohan
Milena Read
Charlotte Newman
Marisa Gold
Jessie Kwan
Michael Kong
Alycia Wong

Understudy performers:

Alexa Solveig Mardon
Sophia Wolfe
Nick Ventura
Molly Montgomery

Michael’s Biography:
“Michael Kong grew up in Victoria, British Columbia and moved to Vancouver to engage in SFUʼs dance program. Within the four years of his undergraduate he has worked with many professors and choreographers that have influenced and changed his perspective on how dance is a truly engaging and revealing art form. Michael has also trained extensively at the Martha Graham School in New York City where he performed the ballets “Cave of the Heart” and “Night Journey”, and also The School of Toronto Dance Theatre where he worked in repertory with Christopher House’s piece “Severe Clear”. Michael is proudly a current a member of Modus Operandi. Kong has had a great opportunity to already emerge in the Vancouver dance community and has worked with several choreographers (Judith Garay, Desiree Dunbar, Vanessa Goodman, Paras Terezakis, Cheryl Prophet, Henry Daniel, Noam Gagon, Marla Eist, Jane Osborne, Rob Kitsos, Karen Jamieson, Tara Cheyenne-Friedenberg, Megan Walker-Straight, Wen Wei Wang, Jennifer Mascall, Tiffany Tregarthen, Julia Sasso and Connie Cooke.) Michael most recently worked on Vanessa Goodmanʼs (the Contingency Plan) piece “peeling away like a bubble in wallpaper”, Cheryl Prophetʼs piece “Labyrinth”, Judith Garayʼs company Dancers Dancing in the piece titled “The Fine Line~ Twisted Angels”, and Paras Terezakisʼ company Kinesis Dance in a piece titled “Oddessay 114”



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